EUth in Action – social inclusion workshops

EUth in Action

In these uncertain times, we want to share our common experiences of dealing with stress related to the political, ecological, health and economic situation of each of us. With the problems of violence, the lack of a solid and trustworthy message about the future of the planet – the future of employment and education or travel opportunities. How to deal with emergency situations? During workshops and debates on health, trauma, online threats, the current geopolitical situation, etc., we will work out common methods of verifying the information obtained and ways of peacefully resolving conflicts by understanding the opponent’s arguments and finding common elements of agreement. Preventing depression through an active lifestyle and searching for one’s own talents – stimulating creativity.

We will provide information on sustainable development and pro-eco thinking to speed up the process of changes taking place in our countries – especially post-communist ones, related to the implementation of renewable energy sources, etc.

In October 2023, a 10-day youth exchange took place in Poronin. For young people interested in health problems – stress and trauma, prevention of depression and suicide attempts, sustainable development, exclusion, empathy and building peace in the world. These young people aged 17-24 created great project ideas- learned about inclusion, eco awareness, Digital Story and Flash Mob creation, During the youth exchange, 8 national groups conducted workshops on sharing experiences and results of projects related to preventing social exclusion through health problems, climate change and creativity. They made presentations in multimedia form; using theatrical improvisations or posters. Each of the partner groups presented the situation in their country – local environment related to the health situation and the possibilities of seeking support among young people. We compared these situations during debates and brainstorming related to the search for new solutions and new ideas to work with stress and trauma involving young people with NEETs, disabled people, etc.

Yoga workshops helped to understand the importance of body mind relation in stress reducing excersises.

Up-cycling workshop helped to refocus on creativity and joy of manual work

Nature walks and city games helped to learn about local culture and importance of connecting with the environment.

Music workshops and FM creation brought the inner child to play and helped to find hidden talents(sing and dance exercises) and build self-confidence.

Performing during the Health Conference helped to build better self-esteem and deal with stage fright.

Cultural evenings broaden our knowledge about partner countries- their traditions and history. Everyday reflection time helped to digest daily dose of knowledge and personal development. Late night parties helped to integrate even deeper and form long term connections between the participants. And we all have a great time learning and playing. Calculating the tickets cost helped to improve mathematical and logistic skills. Creating short videos helped to enjoy each other opinions and ideas. It was a really great project allowing everyone to express themselves and learn something different about ourselves and world around us.

Our Bulls Eye evaluation clearly shows the levels of appreciation. I hope we can meet again…

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