Project in France
July 1 - 6


Country: Dax, France 

Welcome to Eurovillages, an Erasmus+ project on the vital issues of inclusion, integration, and diversity in Europe!

Join us in this transformative project where you’ll engage in collective reflection on coexistence in Europe, exploring three critical themes: migrant reception, integration in the job market, and social diversity in European cities.

As a participant, you’ll play a vital role in drafting recommendations to address exclusion and non-integration, contributing to the creation of a Charter for a social Europe to be presented to the European Parliament.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of a movement for positive change in Europe. Join Eurovillages and let’s shape a more inclusive and diverse future together!

Dates: July 1 – 6

The age of the participants: 18 – 25 years old


Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project

Duration : 01-09-2022 – 30-11-2023
Project number: 2022-3-FR02-KA154-YOU-000097414

The aim of this project is to think about “living together” in the face of the issue of people who are less integrated/discriminated because of their social or racial origin racial origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, mobility or political, philosophical or political, philosophical, or religious convictions.

In other words, it is about young people discussing national and European models national and European models of inclusion and integration that they want for the the future. It is about giving young people the opportunity to express themselves, to imagine, to imagine, to envisage shared solutions on the social future of Europe and of the European citizens.

Objectives of the project:

– To improve young people’s skills in promoting dialogue between them and policymakers

– To enable young people to exchange with and have their voices heard by local and local and European decision makers

– To improve young people’s understanding of political and social issues related to inclusion inclusion through a common international reflection and to position themselves on this theme

– To increase active citizenship and the feeling of belonging to Europe

– To experiment new spaces of reflection and debate for young people, by young people.