European Future – Green & Sustainable

Duration :  01-01-2023 – 31-12-2024
Project number: 101090047 

The project aims to strengthen the capacities of transnational structured cooperation among organisations from different regions: West (France), East (Poland), South (Spain), North (Sweden), North-East (Lithuania), South-East (North Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria) in the field of green entrepreneurship. It addresses environmental and social problems and needs through the realization of innovative ideas which has positive effect on the natural environment. The project aims to raise capacities of youth organizations to cooperate in the field of green entrepreneurship with the goal to empower young people to look for green and sustainable responses on current problems present in their communities and countries.

The project will include set of activities aiming to support creating stronger and more functional network between the organizations (webinar and study visits for staff members), to raise competences of youth workers and young leaders to develop capacities of young people in the field of green entrepreneurship through series of international trainings, study visits, podcasts and to increase interest of young people in the concept of green entrepreneurship through social media campaign and to provide them an opportunity to increase their knowledge through online course, youth exchanges and international youth conference on the topic of green entrepreneurship. Moreover, the project will bring resources open for youth organizations:

1.Online publication including good practices on green entrepreneurship in Europe,

2. Manual for youth workers and leaders and

3. Online course for young people. Overall it proposes new ways to empower youth organisations in dealing with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and reinforce European dimension among partners involved.

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