European Future: Green& Sustainable monthly meeting

Our project, “European Future – Green & Sustainable”, is anchored by consistent monthly coordination meetings that ensure smooth implementation and prompt troubleshooting of any emerging issues. These meetings are an integral part of our initiative, promoting a strong sense of unity and cooperation among our diverse partner organizations. They occur every first Tuesday of the month, providing a regular platform for all partners to discuss the progress, strategies, and upcoming activities of our project.

     In the recent meeting held on July 4th, 2023, we explored several important project elements:

         1. Training Course in France – September 2023: The meeting focused on the imminent training course set to be conducted in France. Discussion points included the process of participant selection and the various travel options available. By focusing on these aspects, we aim to ensure an enriching and seamless experience for all attendees, making the most of this important learning opportunity.

      2. Study Visit to Bulgaria – October 2023: A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to preparations for the upcoming study visit to Bulgaria. We discussed the preparation and publishing an informative ‘info pack’ for participants. The call for participants and the selection process was also addressed, ensuring we invite individuals who will most benefit from and contribute to this experience. 

         3. Internal Coordination: Regular internal matters, such as effective communication and coordination mechanisms, were also focal point of our meeting. We believe in maintaining an open, transparent, and efficient communication channel that enables all partners to stay updated and actively participate in project decisions.

     These monthly coordination meetings ensure we stay on track and continually align with the primary mission of our project: a green and sustainable European future. Please stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing project activities.

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