“European Future – Green & Sustainable” project kick-off meeting

I’m thrilled to share my experience at the Transnational Project Partner Meeting in Bordeaux, France, representing Tavo Europa. It was an incredible event for the European Future – Green & Sustainable project!

We kicked things off with a mouthwatering French Breakfast at the Darwin Center. Picture this: croissants, coffee, and great conversations to start the day on a positive note. The informal atmosphere made it easy for us to connect with fellow participants and set the stage for an engaging meeting.

During the meeting, we covered everything related to the project. We had lively discussions about the project’s goals, timeline, and work packages. Our coordinator Grdanovski, did a fantastic job presenting the plan and getting everyone on the same page.

The meeting was packed with interesting topics, from quality assurance and financial planning to dissemination strategies. We brainstormed creative ideas to make our project stand out and reach a wider audience. The energy and passion of all the partners were truly inspiring!

What impressed me the most was the collaborative spirit among the participants. We shared insights, asked questions, and worked together to fine-tune our action plan. The level of engagement and dedication from each partner was remarkable.

As a representative of Tavo Europa, I had the opportunity to contribute to the discussions and bring our organization’s perspective to the table. It was a valuable experience to learn from other partners and exchange knowledge and best practices.

Overall, the Transnational Project Partner Meeting was a resounding success. We left Bordeaux with a clear vision, a solid action plan, and renewed motivation to make a positive impact through the European Future – Green & Sustainable project. I’m proud to be part of Tavo Europa and excited about the future collaborations with our amazing project partners!

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