Erasmus+ exchange Youth in the Move, Slovenia Travel and arrival

youth in the move

The idea of our Lithuanian team driving all the way together to Slovenia turned out really

well. We had time to get to know each other and make a friendly bond. I have realized that

this project could not only be about getting to know participants from other countries, but

also familiarize with people of your own nation from different parts of the country.

On the journey we used the opportunity to have a sleepover at a historic town of Mikulov in

Czech Republic as well as paying a visit to spectacular Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

After a somewhat long and tiring journey it was a pleasure to move in the light and spacious

house and get comfy in your bunk bed. The property is situated in the Markovci village,

surrounded by the idyllic North East Slovenian scenery of hilly pastures and pointy church

towers. We met all the other participants, had dinner and went for an early night’s rest.



At the first morning activity we got to properly meet our project coordinators Sara and Maja,

who introduced us to the goals and meaning of our stay here which is about the democratic

participation and activity in the civic lives of our countries as well as the EU’s.

We had an amazing evening with each country presenting our national cuisines giving a

taste of the best bits of our national foods and drinks.

The countries taking part were Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy and Portugal.


Active participation


Everyday we had a schedule of energizers, activities, workshops, mealtimes and free time.

Although it was paced quite slowly we were faced with some challenges. They included

engaging in activities that required opening up to others, discussions and problem solving

about the topic of youth in democracy within the EU and the participating countries. Besides

that, in order for all the members to feel comfortable in our living environment we set a

number of rules to follow such as the quiet hours, no smoking inside, being aware of

personal space of others, being considerate and attentive during the activities and so on.

Therefore, during this project we have gained knowledge and experience not only through

the set workshops about the main topics, but also the general living and sharing space with

people from other cultural backgrounds.

It was very helpful and rewarding to learn about the social and political issues young people

face in different European countries. Sharing our own experiences and view on problems

have given us a broader perspective, new ideas and motivation to move on, do a little more

for your community because we are stronger when working together.


Some of the activities were fun and easier such as physical energizer games or sharing facts

you know about other countries. Others were more challenging like debates about

democratic and dictatorial governments or sharing and discussing solutions to civic problems

we face in our countries.


Time for Fun


It was not all about educational activities. During our free time we played sports, went for

walks and spent general nice time with lovely people. Every evening we had social

gatherings with dancing and chatting away. If you were up for some romance you could

leave a cheeky note for your crush in the gossip box.

The last days of the project were more relaxed, we had a refreshing day in a public pool in

the nearby city of Murska Sobota, as well as a sports day with the local community.


End of the Project


By the end of our stay we had already made friends with people from various countries,

exchanged contacts with invitations for a visit. Almost everyone was planning their next

Erasmus+ exchange because there is no better opportunity to visit other countries almost for

free, meet loads of interesting people and make beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Our Lithuanian team had a long drive back home, during which we visited Slovakian capital

city of Bratislava and the famous Polish city of Krakow. We have already had a team reunion

party and are planning our next travels.

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