Environmental Conservation Sustainable Development in Island Communities – Training Course in Guadeloupe

The Erasmus+ Project, that took place in Guadeloupe, focusing on learning about environmental conservation and sustainable development in island communities, was a truly enlightening and exciting experience. This initiative provided me and other participants a unique opportunity to delve into the intricate challenges and innovative solutions related to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices not just in island settings, but in general-all countries.


The choice of Guadeloupe as the project’s location was particularly apt. Yet, first of all it took time to get used to this warm and humid weather. The island is rich in biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and fragile ecosystems. From sustainable agriculture practices at the place we were living, every activity was thoughtfully designed to immerse participants in the unique context of island communities.


One of the standout aspects of this project was its emphasis on practical learning in groups, sharing ideas and experiences among participants. The project activities fostered a sense of global citizenship and cross-cultural understanding among the participants, who were from Germany, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Belgium, and France. The project brought together individuals from various backgrounds and countries, creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment, which I really enjoyed. This diverse mix of perspectives not only enriched the discussions and exchanges but also facilitated the exploration of different approaches and ideas for addressing environmental challenges. It is important to acknowledge the lasting impact of this project. Also, the variety of different ways to know more information, that was given from the facilitator, really kept me enthusiastic, interested in the topic. This experiential learning approach not only fostered a deeper understanding of the subject matter but also instilled a sense of responsibility and urgency in addressing these critical concerns. It was nice to notice and share different feelings with others during all of these practices.


In conclusion, this Erasmus+ Project in Guadeloupe was an outstanding initiative that provided a platform for me and other participants to learn about environmental conservation and sustainable development in island communities. Through practical learning, expert guidance, and cross-cultural collaboration, this project equipped participants with the knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the preservation of our planet’s natural resources. The project’s impact will undoubtedly extend beyond the participants and also inspire a wider community.



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