Entrepreneurship in the village, inspired by traditions and customs project

A beautiful project took place these 8 days! 43 people from 6 different countries (Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, Macedonia, Turkey, and Romania) gathered in Romania between 01-08 May 2023. 43 8  participants program days About the project The main theme, rural entrepreneurship was not the full story. The main story was the connection, friendship and team building. Finding our differences not only cultural ones but also interpersonal. Throughout the project, the participants engaged in various activities and workshops that focused on entrepreneurship, marketing, and product development, all with the aim of revitalizing small village communities. We had to find different ways to break the walls that separated us such as language barriers and our personal backstories and backgrounds. We went from complete strangers to friends in a couple of days, proving that language doesn’t stop us from being humans.

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