Empowered recycling project, Slovenia

empowered recycling project

Our young participants took part in the youth exchange “Empowered Recycling”, which took place in Slovenia between June 13 and 23.

Youth exchange was dedicated to environmental issues and recycling possibilities.

Participants of youth exchange came from Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Lithuania.


Youth exchange took place in the picturesque village called Markovci, located almost on the border with Hungary and Austria.


The purpose of the exchange was to promote environmental awareness among young people, to show how to properly sort waste and how to recycle old things.

Participants also gained experience in conducting workshops and with teamwork. They also got acquainted with the culture and traditions of other countries.

During youth exchange there were interesting workshops on the topic of recycling, reuse, upcycling.


Participants debated about recycling, possibilities for reducing the negative impact on the environment and how young people can contribute to this. During the youth exchange participants, with the help of an expert, also prepared their own unique shopping bags from white cotton T-shirts.

empowered recycling project
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