EcoEUth – project in Poland


Youth from seven countries passionately delved into pressing local issues encompassing climate change, geopolitics, sustainable development, ecology, and health threats. Through vibrant brainstorming sessions and thought-provoking debates, a surge of ideas, proposals, engaging posters, and dynamic presentations emerged, focusing on the crucial themes of environmental and health protection, as well as fostering global peace.

A notable highlight was the inception of a captivating Flash Mob named “Give Peace a Chance,” a brilliant initiative that sparked creativity and successfully dismantled any reservations associated with live performances. The local community, including enthusiastic schoolchildren and local media, enthusiastically embraced and joined the promotional campaign.

For approximately 60% of the participants who were engaging in Erasmus+ for the first time, this event proved to be nothing short of a “life-changing experience.” Cultural evenings provided a delightful immersion into the customs and traditions of each participating country, while activities like “name games” and energizers forged closer bonds among participants. Nature workshops, whether held amidst the serene outdoors or in the vast realm of the internet, drew attention to critical issues linked to the natural environment.

The introduction of a “Survival School,” whether in the heart of the forest or online, expanded knowledge pertaining to the realities of the contemporary world. Notably, participants honed their digital competences through the creation of impactful videos and photo reports. Practical skills, including language and mathematical qualifications, saw improvement through exercises such as calculating travel costs.

Beyond individual growth, this event fostered lasting friendships and solidified relationships between participating organizations. The overall sentiment was that of an incredible experience, marked by an atmosphere of immense fun and trust. As we reflect on this journey, the collective hope resonates—here’s to the anticipation of meeting again!

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