Eco Euth youth exchange

Eco Euth

Participants from these seven countries made presentations about eco problems and then possible solutions for their countries. After these presentations international groups have made posters of their ideas how to resolve the existing eco issues, these included ideas for other Erasmus+ projects that the participants could make in the future.

Young people have learned about forest survival skills provided by Beata and Alex, who taught them about different plants and how to start a fire or how to fish with just a plastic bottle.

They have also learned many different ways to live an ecofriendly life, how to recycle clothes and different materials.

A Flash Mob- Give peace a Chance, was organized in the street of Zakopane, while dancing and singing and promoting peace, ecology. Citizens of Zakopane were making videos and watching the performance.

During these 8 days participants have engaged in many different activities, for most of them this was the first Erasmus+ project that they have ever been a part of. They gained the knowledge of eco businesses, sustainability and a lifestyle which can help the planet. Most of them wanted to improve their English skills, which they succeeded because they could only communicate with English with other participants. By the end the project all of them have made friendships and beautiful memories that would last them a lifetime. Some of them even already planned to visit each other.

Overall, this project not only was fun and memorable, but it gave participants a different view on eco life, ecology and gave them the knowledge to live more sustainable life.

Eco Euth

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