Digital YOUth – youth exchange in Slovenia

Digital YOUth

I participated in the Erasmus+ exchange from January 10th to 21st in the town of Markovči, Slovenia. The theme of the project was “Digital Youth”. This project was about all things that are now transformed into a digital world that makes our lives easier. We traveled by car, before leaving for the trip was very scared, because I didn’t know what to expect and how it would be to spend so many hours in the same car with people that I see for the very first time. However, we became friends very quickly and found a common things, and after the project we became very close and now we are good friends. The project location was in a very small village surrounded by mountains and domestic animals, completely peaceful. The calm environment  helped us a lot to focus on the project activities. People from different countries were wonderful, we learned to work in teams and cooperate very quickly! During the day, we delved into the topics of the project, emerging problems and how to stay safe in the digital world. Also we had cultural evenings, during which we got to know each other’s countries and traditions better, cooked and tasted traditional dishes, danced and played games. I am very happy that I dared to participate in this project, I brought only the best emotions with me. I recommend everyone to participate in the exchange organized by Erasmus+ and I think I will go again many times!

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