Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator

For most people, the start of September symbolises learning. And it definitely was a week of learning in Bansko, Bulgaria! The primary aim of the DEA project is the education of youth workers that will be able to transfer the gained skills, tools and knowledge towards young new digital entrepreneurs.

During Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator the participants:

  • Learned about Business model’s importance and created their own models;
  • Had practical exercises about finding out how to finance their problem solving business idea
  • Learned about Erasmus+ projects creation and implementation
  • Had an opportunity to create, work and discuss in international teams and develop their soft skills

The Digital Entrepreneurship project created opportunities for 32 young people, youth workers, and newcomers in the business field to work together and to develop 6 new start ups. Teams of 6 pleaded in front of 2 successful managers of businesses and, figheted to defend their best products and get funds for their new business projects.

As the measure of success, team work, building business knowledge, cultural awareness, tech and soft skills were taken into consideration during the project. All of them were reached at a high level!

“Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy journey. It requires many skills and experience, but most importantly, creating a network of people who would be willing to join you on this journey. Project “Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator” is a great opportunity for young people to connect and change their fixed mindset into growth. For me this experience is irreplaceable and for sure it’s just the beginning of my journey towards my personal goals and happiness.”

  • Gouda, lithuanian participant

Project was funded by Erasmus+.

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