Digital Culture designer: National Curriculum Program

Digital Cultural Designer (DCD) is an Erasmus + project funded by the European Commission which seeks to extend and develop the digital skills and competences of young people.

The focus of this press release is on the second of these results. The DCD curriculum is a curriculum for training courses designed for museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions.

This curriculum is grounded around the goal of increasing knowledge and abilities in using Linked Open Data for innovation in cultural services. It aims to increase knowledge and abilities in using LOD for improvisation and innovation in cultural services and experiences.

In addition, it also aims to enhance the cultural heritage as open digital educational materials and tools. The curriculum has been designed to set up, arrange and organize data using open resources and materials, with particular attention to museums, libraries and archives. The curriculum also aims to set up multidisciplinary groups for organizing and managing art-based training and educational activities.

The curriculum is finally realesed. We are excited to share the lituanian version for all lithuanian fellas who are interested in the topic. 

It is hoped that this project will ultimately lead to more and better use of Linked Open Data and, in turn, empower young people to become the digital leaders of tomorrow.

If you would like to read the curriculum, click the link down below and read it. 

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