‘’Digital Cultural Designer’’

Nowadays digital technology is an integral part of human life. They facilitate and simplify socialization processes, provide an opportunity to communicate with family, friends or team members, even if we are far apart or working remotely. The Erasmus+ Digital Cultural Designer project aims to introduce young people to the concept of open data, allowing them to learn and experiment with open data that meets their own needs. The young citizens of the digital generation today are the data literacy teachers of tomorrow!

In order to achieve greater efficiency and wider access to the final results, the Digital Cultural Designer project and its idea, as well as the Handbook for Digital Cultural Youth Awareness, were presented to youth workers and educators.

At the event, which took place on March 16, 18 specialists working with youth participated in the Marijampolė Student Creative Center. Each received a leaflet and an electronic version of the Handbook. Participants really liked the innovative material, it describes the methods and added value for the young person. The presentation of the idea of ​​open data to youth workers and educators left an indelible impression. We hope that the material presented during the event will give professionals the opportunity to experiment freely with young people through interactive videos, animation clips, expert interviews, as well as help professionals involve even more young people in digital literacy education in their work.

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