“Cultural heritage from past to present” – youth exchange in Turkey

cultural heritage

Darius shares feedback about the project “Cultural heritage from past to present” in Turkey.

For me personally, the project fulfilled all expectations. Time passed quickly and it was sad to go home. I have no complaints about the food. The food was of good quality and I did not feel hungry. Accommodation conditions were very good, spacious rooms, several showers, heating worked at night. Personally mine room had a window with a view of the mountains, it was very beautiful. The city itself has plenty of public transportation and it was very convenient to get to the places I needed. Basically, most of the distances that had to be covered when traveling from the hotel to the school or catering places were walked, which is about 15-20 minutes. Personally, it took me about 26 hours to travel from Vilnius to Denizli, and in comparison, my route was the fastest of all Lithuanians who traveled.
The activities themselves were somewhat different, only slightly related to the project’s idea of cultural heritage. Only on the last day was it talked about, discussed on this topic. One of the activities was a trip to Pamukkale and it was spectacular. Lithuanians and foreigners loved the trip it very much. We saw the ruins of the ancient city, we swam in the pools of Cleopatra. Activities that were memorable. Denizli is a student city, so finding entertainment was not really a problem. A big thanks goes to the organizers and local Turks who participated in the project because they showed many places and organized transport around the city.

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