A Project in Mesmerizing Mountains

CultRular Lab

“CultRular Lab 2021’’ sustainability-themed project was my first Erasmus+ experience. To be honest, I was going there with no expectations and got graciously surprised: I created one of my most beautiful memories in Poland. Got to know that country from a completely different point of view and was shocked to see the beauty of Poland!

The project was structured really well and the topic was taken seriously (original and strong organisation presentations, engaging tasks, deep discussions that left a mark in my mind and created a need to change my lifestyle. The participants also had to create a presentation with relevant topics). It was really satisfying to know that there was enough time to see the local surface (we had tours).

We stayed in a small village surrounded by mountains, near Zakopane. The accommodation and local cuisine were great. However, the journey to the destination was very long – we had to take a bus to go to the project, but the organisers planned the route perfectly so that waiting between the two buses was minimal. By the way, I had to leave the project the day before, so when asked by the organisers, they were happy to buy travel tickets earlier.

The exchange involved five countries, five different nations, and almost 40 participants with different cultural backgrounds. And perhaps perceiving the nation through man is one of the most beautiful things about international projects. And to know another is to know yourself. Do widzenia! “

Beatričė, ,,CultRural Lab 2021’’ project

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