Constructing the Present from Moments in the Past – training course in Germany

constructing the present

We are sharing Karolina’s, Gabija’s and Albertas feedback about the project “Constructing the Present from Moments in the Past”, which took place in Berlin, the capital of Germany:

The project “Constructing the Present from Moments in the Past” in Berlin, the capital of Germany, was one of the best I have ever participated in.

The topics were perfectly connected to the city itself and its history, so we could not only learn about dictators, different forms of government, discuss current events in the world, hear people’s experiences, but also visit those places and learn even more about historical moments that took place in Berlin itself .

Colleagues from other countries, with whom we spent more than a week together, became like a second family. The topics we discussed during the classes continued at the lunch and dinner table, we walked and explored Berlin in our free time and just had a great time together. The environment created by all of us allowed us to feel good and not be afraid to be ourselves.

This training course was about dictatorship. What is dictatorship? The causes and prevention. Examples and history of dictators. Dictatorship and human rights. Is There A Good Dictatorship? Propoganda and radicalisation. Is there a way to stop radicalization without censorship? Dictatorship today.

Thus, we can see according to the subjects that the dictatorship is still relevant. Then how do we prevent it? What we have discussed is that with better education people would know more about history and other areas from a broader perspective. Also, travellers can see different cultures and histories that could help everyone think outside the box and prevent radicalization.

It was super nice to have the opportunity to meet all the people from all around the world. It was also interesting to share and hear the viewpoints of other nationalities on this topic.
It’s the best experience I’ve ever had with this project, so it was the coolest experience to get to know Berlin and people with different backgrounds.

Erasmus projects are a great opportunity to improve your English knowledge, public speaking skills, learn about the culture of other countries and have a lot of fun.


I have been in 7 projects, but this was one of the best. The project facilitator ensured that the project participants felt included and returned with a wealth of knowledge. The project participants themselves were very kind, friendly, understanding, and cheerful, and I still communicate with many of them.

It was not difficult to travel to the project location, I could choose the flights myself, at a convenient time and flight, which is the best! Thank you to all the participants who participated in the project and thank you to “Tavo Europa” for the opportunity to experience unique emotions and a very, very good time!

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