City Quiz

Duration: 01-09-2019 – 31-08-2021

Project number: 2019-1-FI01-KA204-060734

According to the research conducted at the preparatory part of this project application, the mobile app created for this project will be a unique digital solution both for foreigners residing in partner countries and professionals working with immigrants and refugees. Furthermore, we aim to deliver a simple digital solution that would answer to the needs of highly educated adults, low-skilled workers and unemployed youth. We will also provide a significant amount of tailored educative content delivered in a most user-friendly way. In this project, we would like to produce 5 versions of the mobile application for city quizzes with the main focus on the partners’ cultures in their capital cities (Finland, France, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania).

This thematic app will contain illustrated and text questions which will allow the user to explore the culture, traditions and significant figures in partner cultures. In our mobile app we will offer ways to explore the culture and history by solving online quizzes on the app and by following the map of the area to find the answers and get to know the places on which the questions are based (when the app user is present at the quiz location). Each version of the mobile application will be available in 2 languages (English and partner language). Before the official launch, the mobile applications will be tested first by the partner organizations in-house and then with around 100 stakeholders to guarantee the highest quality of the outputs.

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