Change your mind change the world – youth exchange in Slovenia

change your mind change the word

The RISKO Youth Centre hosted a youth exchange titled “Change your mind, Change the world!” from 04.06.2023 to 13.06.2023. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme and the Slovenian National Agency MOVIT, the exchange brought together young people from Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Spain. During this exchange, participants engaged in discussions about discrimination, solidarity, and vulnerable target groups. Through dialogue, they aimed to challenge stereotypes and foster greater understanding among each other

Attended by young people from various European countries, the youth exchange aimed to foster dialogue on discrimination, solidarity, and vulnerable target groups. The project sought to raise awareness among young people about the significance of minorities and break down stereotypes, ultimately promoting greater tolerance and inclusion. Additionally, the project aimed to continue the Culture Crash network, raising international awareness of these issues and inspiring other organizations to undertake similar initiatives under the same theme, “Change your mind, Change the World!”

Objectives of the project included:

  • Understanding minorities in partner countries
  • Exploring cultures, customs, and traditions
  • Developing personal competencies
  • Engaging with minorities in Pomurje and Slovenia
  • Promoting diversity through social networks
  • Encouraging active participation in similar projects
  • Fostering tolerance among young people
  • Involving youth with fewer opportunities
  • Educating about human rights
  • Building teamwork skills
  • Networking organizations and strengthening partnerships.

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