Build your future nature – training course in Turkey

In the beginning of september four brave and environmentally conscious people from Lithuania attended the training course in Diyarbakir, Turkey. 

Reflecting on the recent training course, it is notable to share the success and impact it achieved. The course revolved around a shared vision for a better and sustainable world, where humanity can thrive in harmony with nature. The concept of empowering the younger generation to facilitate this transition is central to the objectives.

During the course, specific objectives were met:
– Awareness was raised and collective reflection was encouraged regarding the global ecological challenge, particularly within the European context. The influence of lifestyles on nature and climate change was highlighted.
– Participants actively exchanged best practices concerning various ecological action strategies adaptable to their specific contexts.
– The 13th UN Sustainable Development Goal, focusing on climate change, was brought to the forefront.
– Participants not only explored and advocated eco-friendly initiatives but also received practical tools and methods for seamlessly integrating environmentally conscious practices into their daily lives.
– The course acted as a platform for informing and inspiring attendees about the Erasmus+ program, demonstrating how it can be leveraged for their projects and ideas.
– Additionally, the course aimed to support the inclusion and employability of marginalized young individuals with limited opportunities, empowering them through non-formal education content.

The success of this training course underscores the potential for positive change when a shared vision and commitment to a sustainable future unite individuals. It has the capacity to create a significant impact on the world and inspire future generations to follow suit.

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