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My name is Benita Gaižiūnaitė, I‘m a full-time student of Creative Communication at Vilnius University. I like to think of myself as a responsible, ambitious and open-minded individual.

During high school years, I and my schoolmates got a chance to take part in this one project called “Euroscola” which was hosted by the European Parliament for scholars specifically. The main prize was a whole day spent at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the taste of a true day-to-day life of a parliament member. We ended up winning and I remember my last article for that project. It said something along the lines of “… I and other participants are now full of motivation and willingness to read every book, study each and every chapter, do everything and more, go above and beyond, reach for the highest heights so that one day we could come back. Just not as some high school children anymore.” And, of course, from then to now, our goals may have changed a little. But the willingness to reach for the heights is still there.

Contrarily, it’s fair to say the definition of one’s heights is an ever-changing thing as well. It is quite possible to get the impression the whole time one’s here on this earth, they spend that time searching and searching for the “salvation” of some kind, may it be so-called happiness, or meaning, or fulfilment. Others may not manage to find any of that ever at all.

That’s why after finishing school, I made my decision not to study. Well, for a year, that’s all. But still, that one year taught me well and made me realize lots of things I may not have thought of in other circumstances.

I wasn’t sure, what were my heights anymore. Therefore, I wasn’t sure, where I was heading or where my life could go or was going. What I became aware of much later, however, was that not everything can be reached with one’s grades. No academic results, no finals, no talent will ever be the main indicator of who you are or who you’re meant to be. There are times where all you need is to be able to communicate and listen to people properly. And listen to your own voice every once in a while.

Not to mention, things such as self-discipline, self-growth, social-skills, setting and reaching personal goals is not something that’s flawlessly learned (and taught) in schools. Pity. Only after freeing the mind from what had become horribly unnecessary after hearing the last school bell, I was forced to truly pay attention to no one else but myself, my environment and my own mind.

I began to take interest in ways to discover my “true self”. That’s when I came across “Tavo Europa” and the work this organization has been doing for years, as a result, it opened more than a few doors and windows for me. As of now, I allow myself to be positive of having skills in writing, communication and a few other fields, in addition, gaining new experience by helping to make some international projects come to life. Constantly new skills are, and will be, added to my baggage in hopes that someday it will help me discover my place in life and reach (for) the heights, whatever they might be. And may “Tavo Europa” be the first step.

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