Becoming was a youth exchange, gathering 38 youngsters from Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania and Denmark. The project took place 12-20 October 2021.

It was intended to promote the concept of self-care, healthy lifestyle and regular practice of mindful techniques towards building resilience and coping with stress and anxiety.

The participants learned mindfulness techniques, embraced the concept of self care and developed healthy lifestyle habits.

Furthermore, we improved participants’ soft skills by introducing them to a variety of methods and tips in line with the needs of the current labour market.

“During the project we meditated, walked in nature, learned what Hygge is. We bonded with each other and became one big family. Our activities included learning some useful tricks on how to write a memorable CV that stands out, we did SWOT analysis, learned about body language, personal branding, networking and how to focus on our strengths instead of obsessing over our flaws. I found the activities really useful since I am a student who’s constantly overwhelmed by responsibilities and the desire to be perfect all the time. This project was a much needed reminder to stop, breath and take a moment to appreciate myself.

I can honestly say that this Erasmus project was incredible. It’s one of those life changing experiences when you can challenge yourself, make new friends and long lasting memories. If I could, I would repeat this project in a heartbeat! I highly recommend Erasmus +, it’s an unforgettable adventure!” (Virginija)

“Participants, the atmosphere, the theme of the project, the location of it and the environment we lived in – even the weather – perfectly matched together into mindfulness, which we were learning about. We’ve had numerous guided meditation sessions, led by our mental coaches Adam and Joana, our mental coach Diana brought us in really informative and motivating self-growth sessions. I will be implementing certain things I learned from them into my personal life for sure.

All in all, the best thing I learned during this project is how to stay relaxed and laid back in between so many people. This is what mindfulness is really about – learning to focus on only one thing, yourself, and finding that ground.” (Inga)

This project was funded by Erasmus+

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