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Exploring Nature in Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve: A Journey with Eco-Minded Students

In a two-day camp organized by Indrė, the social educator at Mariampoles Mykolu school and team member of Tavo Europa, we had the incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in the heart of Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, celebrating Climate Change Week. This adventure, aptly named “Children of Nature,” brought together members of the Eco Club and Student Council, all driven by a shared passion for environmental education.

At high school, fostering environmental awareness and education is a top priority, and this camp exemplified our commitment to this goal. Our journey was an engaging and enlightening experience, where we not only discovered the reserve’s activities but also had the chance to participate in various nature-oriented activities.

Our activities included exploring the reserve’s beautiful exhibitions, engaging in green education sessions, and even savoring herbal tea made from local herbs. We also enjoyed team-building games that brought us closer as a group, tried our hands at debate methods, and spent time observing the remarkable birdlife and nature surrounding us.

This camp was a reminder that the learning experience extends beyond the classroom and traditional methods. It was a chance for us to reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty and diversity that our environment offers. These moments were not just about learning; they were about fostering a deep appreciation for the environment and the vital role we play in its preservation.

Our time in the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve was an eye-opener. It taught us the importance of environmental education and the need for sustainable practices. It was a reminder that we are all “children of nature,” responsible for its well-being. And as we concluded our camp, we left with a newfound understanding of the world around us, along with the determination to make a positive impact on our environment. 

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