Become ECOnficent debates: Do we need a preservation centers in our country?

Young Voices Clash in a Recent Debate: Should We Have Nature Conservation Centers?

In a special event just for young people, we tackled a big question: “Do we need places to protect nature in our country?” The debate brought together passionate young individuals with strong opinions. Some of us argued strongly in favor of conservation centers. We believe in looking after nature and protecting endangered species because it’s the right thing to do. We think it’s our duty. These places aren’t just about saving animals; they’re about teaching us to take care of our planet. We said that a healthy environment is the key to a healthy society, connecting the well-being of people with the health of our planet. We want to find a balance between  taking care of the environment. It’s about finding the middle ground. Other worried about jobs or slowing down our progress while trying to protect the vulnerable. They said that while saving nature is important, we can’t forget about developing our country. They believe we have to find a way to do both, without one getting in the way of the other. This debate was a chance for young people to talk about these big questions and figure out what’s best for our country. It’s about finding a balance between looking after nature and looking after our development in the areas that might be considered unsustainable. 

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