“All you need is Earth” youth exchange in Poland

all you need is earth

We are happy to share yet another review of the project. This time the review is made by Justė, who was not only the participant, but also the most attentive leader, who looked over the whole group :

Erasmus +: “Sometimes, all we need is a right choice, made at the right place, at the right time”. 

More than a week has passed since the Erasmus+ project “All You Need Is Earth” in Poland, but the impressions have not and will not run away. It so happened that I was lucky to be not only a participant in the project, but also the leader of the Lithuanian team, which allowed me to experience everything from several perspectives. However, while much attention was focused on ecology, my focus remained on people.
The most valuable experience is to see how young people feel more and more brave every day. To help them reveal themselves – not to be afraid to make mistakes and not to be afraid to be. Although I am still a young person and I still have a lot to spread, the feeling that you can benefit someone else, and sometimes even be a role model, makes you realize that the life path you have taken has more meaning than you could have thought. 

Did you know that not only students can use the Erasmus+ program? The age of the participants in some projects is up to 29 years, and even a 30+ year old person can become the team leader. Contact ✨Tavo Europa✨ and you will get answers to all your questions. 

Summary: if you have the idea to try it somewhere – LET’S DRIVE. Do you want to travel to communicate, learn and experience – Erasmus+ is the answer.

To be honest, before I left I thought everything couldn’t be as good as described, but it was sooooo much better. I came back healthy and they didn’t leave me to work in a salt mine for living expenses .

The first but definitely not the last project. Thank you to my Polish Lithuanian family. Many thanks to the organizers Centrum Inicjatyw Europejskich Silesiana ❤️🌿

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