Allegroba – festival in Sakartvelo experience


I participated in the Erasmus+ project from October 24 to November 1 in Georgia, Kobuleti. The theme of the project was “ALLEGROBA”. It is a festival about Italian-Georgian history and connection.

The journey back and forth is like nowhere else, the team from Lithuania is amazing! Upon arrival at the project implementation site, we met participants from Ukraine, Georgia, and Italy. The participants were friendly, communicative, team work, performing tasks in the city, cooperation in the name of a common goal and the fulfillment of tasks were successful and without any issues.

It’s a pity that the festival that was planned was postponed and it was not possible to participate in it for all of us, but the whole time was spent in a friendly and fun way! We have made many new warm acquaintances with participants from other countries, whom we will definitely visit when traveling to their countries, and we will be waiting for them when they arrive in Lithuania!

We shared the customs, food, culture, history of each country, and we were all quite surprised, although it seems we already know a lot about the countries that participated in this project. The project is amazing! It’s a pity that everything that is most wonderful is unique!


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