Project Manager

My name is Aistė. I was born and raised in Lithuania, however someday I hope to become a global citizen. When I was 19 I left to study Interior Architecture in the United Kingdom, fell in love with the country and spent 6 years living and working in England and Scotland. During my studies, together with a group of friends, I have established the Erasmus Society of Northumbria University and ran the committee for the 3 following years. Being a part of the society, I had the opportunity to organise many cultural events, get-togethers and educational trips. I was also an active member of the Students’ Union that allowed me to participate in a range of community volunteering projects working with local businesses and various social issues. I have been fortunate to be a part of diverse international communities during my time abroad which have inspired me to travel more and explore other countries, languages and cultures.

I have many passions and hobbies, but I’m particularly interested in arts and creativity, sustainable lifestyle and lifelong learning. I am at my happiest when I can share life experiences, knowledge and delicious food with people. I’m a true Cancer, so at most times I can be found in the kitchen cooking up a hearty vegan feast. I spend a lot of time in nature whenever possible and love to explore less beaten paths, both while travelling and in my daily life.

I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to improve and learn. My experience volunteering with youth, families, senior citizens, and people with disabilities in the fields of personal improvement, creativity, environmental and social issues has allowed me to develop valuable interpersonal skills and attitudes. I hope to bring my creativity and expertise to the future projects in the organisation and contribute to the well-being, knowledge and skills of young people.

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