Act stronger event in Vilnius Lithuania

On September 22, in Vilnius Lithuania, the ACT Stronger project partners and many young resilient and curious individuals gathered for awareness raising event, titled “Disinformation and media literacy”. The digital age presents both incredible opportunities and significant challenges. Information travels at an unprecedented speed, but it doesn’t always align with reality? Being digitally literate and resilient against desinformation are crucial skills for responsible individuals. Last Friday, experts like Gintarė Sereikaitė-Motiejūnė from Vilnius University, Rūta Beinoriūtė from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Lukas Andriukaitis from Civic Resilience Initiative (CRI) shared insights on how Lithuanian media explores the topics of disinformation, how the news narrative is formed and shared some tips on how to stay alert and informed. . They discussed initiatives to combat misinformation in Lithuania and the EU. Attendees included not only Lithuanians but also individuals from Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, France, Bulgaria, and Italy who share these concerns.

The seminar provided a unique opportunity for direct interaction with the experts, allowing attendees to ask questions and gain up-to-date information on this important topic. It was a valuable knowledge-sharing event for participants from across Europe.

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