A self learning journey – Training course in Bulgaria

self learning journey


My name is Tatsiana and I have participated in the TC “A (self)-learning journey” in Bansko, Bulgaria from 10-19 of July. 
I’d like to admit that it was an amazing place to be – Bansko is surrounded by mountains and we had an amazing view from our balcony! 
We also had a very nice group and unexpectedly we somehow created very tight connections between the participants, although we were quite a big group, 40 participants from 8 different countries! 
My favourite activities were Hero’s journey and Smart goals. Hero’s journey gave us an opportunity to go deeper into ourselves and reflect on challenges in our lives. 
Smart goals is a nice and easy tool than can be used in everyday life to simplify the process of achieving your goals. 
Thank you @walktogether for having us in Bansko! 
Thank you @TavoEuropa @Erasmus+ for the opportunity! 

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