A Mental Health Toolkit for Youth Workers: training course in Denmark

From 21 to 28 April in Vig, Denmark, youth workers from all over Europe gathered in this immersive and interesting Training Course.

During this course, participants explored a holistic approach to young people’s mental health, integrating different mental health first aid tools, cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Recognising the interconnectedness of social and environmental factors that contribute to the youth mental health crisis, participants learned about the healing power of nature and meaningful community engagement as antidotes to mental health problems.

One of the aims of this project is to improve young people’s ability to achieve mental well-being while promoting their personal growth and self-care.

During the programme, participants understood mental health through nature immersion sessions that allowed young people to express their emotions to networking opportunities that fostered collaboration and mutual empowerment among youth workers.

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