A foreigner in Lithuania representing country in international youth exchange? Why not?


This Erasmus+ program (Danish Youth Program) was my first ever oversee project and it was totally surreal. We all had experienced an emotional roller coaster there, however, the only thing I could retell is that how happy I was and how much I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given. I would proudly say that I have no regrets at all.

I have learned a “lot” of things there. It was very interesting that every day the organisers kept us busy and involved by conducting various educating workshops and activities. Therefore, it was an unforgettable and exotic opportunity for me to represent Lithuania even though I am Mongolian. I truly enjoyed making posters about Lithuania on traditional night event, take part in Lithuanian traditional dances, cook traditional dishes such as kepta duona and many others. I was active in every discussion, as well I have made a lot of friends from various countries sharing my experience as being a foreign student in Lithuania. I could confidently say that they were thrilled to see that there are many foreign students from “many” different countries who study in Lithuania and how this country attracts foreigners and becoming international day by day. Moreover, I even made one Estonian friend, who is still in high school, to apply to my university “Vytautas Magnus University”

Therefore, to conclude, if I had to retell on what they should improve or what they lack in…so far nothing. Therefore, as you may expect that my impression of the project and organisation is absolutely positive! I enjoyed every moment there and definitely will apply for all upcoming projects and hopefully, I will get accepted/selected again to be part of this phenomenon.

Yesui Bayar, Eunited, Denmark.

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