Language learning to support active social inclusion – training course in Murzasichle, Poland

Training courses are always a good way to learn something new and exciting, share experiences with others and get to know people from other countries. 

This time, we share small moments from a training course in Murzasichle, Poland. The main goals of this project were to learn more about social inclusion in education and how language teaching can be linked to social inclusion,  learn about how main approaches to social inclusion and reflect on the ways of incorporation of the principles of social inclusion into everyday work of educators. Also, exchange best practices in relation to language teaching and lifelong learning and get to know CLIL approach in language teaching as the approach which can offer a variety of benefits to achieve social inclusion
and practice in using it. This training course helped to reframe the methodologies and tools acquired by participants in the previous trainings for the new target groups ( e.g. adults with disabilities, refugees, seniors etc),  test new methodologies and  approaches in practice in a language center with the multicultural group of adults.

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