Training course in Tartu University


Association Tavo Europa had a unique chance to participate in a training course organised by Tartu University. Together with partners from Cyprus, Italy, Estonia, Poland and Greece we are implementing strategic partnership project European Cultural Heritage Enterprise – ECHE – which is funded by Erasmus+ programme.

The aim of the ECHE project is to develop a mobile game that combines the transfer of knowledge and skills acquisition with entertainment. Its primary focus is to provide ECHE skills for youth through direct collaboration and co-production with the target group representatives – youth workers and unemployed youth. The solutions disseminated through ECHE mobile app will digitise knowledge and tools which will be available to use internationally for those working directly with youth. The format of a mobile app is designed to bring innovative elements to a large number of people as it’s easy to use and will provide an educational platform available even after the project has been realised. Some functionalities of the app will include a digital schedule of live events, such as meetings and info days, as well as a section on upcoming trainings or workshops in the area. The policymakers will be addressed through a Policy paper IO3 prepared by the University of TARTU.

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